The Sequal Trust


Telephone: 01691 624222

Address: The Sequal Trust, 3 Ploughman’s Corner, Wharf Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 0EJ

The Sequal Trust is a registered charity covering the whole of the UK. Our main aim is to fund-raise to provide communication aids for people with a disability, in order to promote independence & to enable each person to reach their full potential. The disabilities covered within the charity’s remit of speech/movement and/or learning difficulties, range from Autism, Downs Syndrome. Parkinson’s disease & Cerebral Palsy to Road Traffic Accidents, Spinal Injuries & Stroke victims. There are no age, race or gender restrictions for potential applicants.

Communication aids provided are many & varied extending from artificial larynxes, Ipads and specialised computer systems at less than £1000 to synthesized speech aids at a cost of £3000 & upwards. We also provide the more sophisticated eye operated systems and wheelchair mounts at a total price of over £13,000

The Sequal Trust has operated for over 40 years & has helped thousands of people with varying types of communication problems by supplying them with a means to communicate. We are a membership based organisation and open to people of all ages with speech, movement and learning difficulties. Life membership is important as needs changed & we can support you in your needs including all necessary repairs & maintenance of equipment etc All it takes is a phone call to get support from us. As a member you receive an annual newsletter which updates you on our work & disability issues. Applications can be made directly by the prospective member or their representative or via a professional body such as a Speech or language therapist, Social Worker, Special Needs Tutor or G.P. Paper work is kept to a minimum.

When we hear of someone whose quality of life can be improved by the provision of an adapted computer or communication aid, we start a fund-raising campaign for that person to provide the equipment recommended by their assessor. The initial approach can be from the person themself, their family, school,or speech and language/occupational therapist.  Once we have raised all the money we order and deliver the equipment.

Once the equipment has been provided, we keep in touch with the member through our newsletter, and are responsible for necessary repairs on the equipment. We also try to arrange for upgrades whenever appropriate, and our office staff provide a friendly and helpful voice at the end of the phone.

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registered charity (Registered Charity Number 260119) 

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