Sending an Entry for the Useful Organisations Directory

If you wish to have your organisation listed on Shropshire Disability Network website please email the following details to    We need you to give us: 

  • The name of the organisation
  • A website address if you have one
  • An email address if you have an organisational one that people can contact you through
  • A telephone number
  • A postal address and postcode
  • A short description of the function of the organisation. Please ensure that you describe the client group you serve, the geographical area you serve, the functions/services that you can provide
  • List all the categories which you would like your organisation to appear under.
    • Advice, Advocacy and Benefits
    • Disability Aids and Services
    • Education and Training
    • Employment
    • Everyday Life and Leisure
    • Financial Support
    • Health, Care and support
    • Home and Housing Options
    • Motoring and Transportation
    • Rights and Obligations
  • If you have a logo that you would like displaying with your details please send us one, preferably a low resolution one.

We will load these details onto the website and send you an email to confirm asking you to check the details to ensure you are happy with them.