SDN Newsletter Issue 2 July OUT NOW!

The second edition of our Newsletter is now out, and it’s even better than the first!

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2 thoughts on “SDN Newsletter Issue 2 July OUT NOW!

  1. MartinP

    Hi, Ive just read this months newsletter, I found it very helpful and Suportive to many. Congratulations to the Man who managed to get up Rodneys Pillar, what an achievement, Wow. I was so sorry to hear Emmas bad news and hope she has more mobility after her Hospital admission. I am a big Fan of Yvette Cooper and I did vote Labour. I was hoping Yvette would have stood for Labour Leader along with Harriet Harmon. Her views are always accurate and she should have been in Government now. Those who were conned by Nick Clegg and all his followers must feel very let down. Nick Cleggs top demand was a Jaguar and driver, he has let down millions who believed all his pre Election promises. I really feel sorry for all those with disabilities, those with Children he has let you down. I fully expected this of him but to be honest I was shocked at Vince Cable and Ming Cambpell, i never thought they could do this. Lets keep our chins up, we have no choice but to grim and bear it for 5 years anyway. I as a young lad, my Mum said to me dont vote liberal as its a wasted vote !!! I truly believe this is the end of the Lib Dems and it would be a waste to pay them to sit in parliment in 5 years time. I write this being very dissapointed for US all. I look forward to next months Newsletter.

  2. sally Post author

    Dear Hastings,

    I’m sorry you were not able to download the newsletter. I just tried it, and it downloaded fine, although it did not open directly onto my screen, but as a tab at the bottom of the screen. As soon as I clicked it, it came up.

    I hope you have more success this time!.

    Best Wishes, Sally Barrett, Newsletter Editor.

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