SDN Introduces a New Honorary Secretary and Membership Secretary

11th September Shropshire Disability Network Members meeting will give you your opportunity to meet your New Honorary Secretary and Membership Secretary thanks to Press Releases we sent o the Shropshire Star. So please book your place now for our Members Meeting and make the new “boys” welcome. (Details of our meeting can be found in the first article on this website as well as under the “About Us and Events tabs)


As you are all aware SDN has been searching for a new Secretary since the later part of last year and we were really getting quite desperate to appoint someone to this key role. After our initial Press Release two prospective candidates came forward, completed a simple recruitment process including meeting committee members. They have the skills and experience we were looking for so we were very pleased to be able to say “yes” to both. We have appointed a Russell Price as Honorary Secretary and Philip Kent as Membership Secretary. The picture shows Russell (first on left) with Philip (holding the edition of the Shropshire Star) being welcomed by Committee Members. The story does not end here!


Imagine the amazement when after a surprise second publication by the Shropshire Star, another 5 people came forward. Well it really seemed like “pennies from heaven” as SDN had struggled in attracting volunteers to come forward for quite a while. We were getting rather desperate as Committee Members “filled in” while carrying on with there own roles.


So what about these other 5 applicants are they surplus to requirements? No! In addition we have decided to not only appoint a Minute Secretary but also increase the number of Outreach Officers. As SDN expands its work so we need to ensure all areas of Shropshire are covered by Outreach Officers. So, is that it? No some new applicants will become Members of the Fundraising Sub Group or take up other positions as opposed to the SDN Management Committee. We are meeting with some applicants very soon and once appointed we will inform you.


The need for Volunteers is still not over as we look to expanding in other ways, so if you think you may be able to offer something to SDN, please get in contact. We need people who will read articles onto “You Tube”, we want to further the work of doing interviews that we can put on our website. We need people who will assist at meetings and generally help in many ways. There is a list of Volunteer roles towards the foot of the front page of this website. That list is not exhaustive so if you have something to offer please email May be you have thought you could volunteer but fear you won’t be able to as you need experience. Hold back no more, we can train our volunteers.


Just one or two hours a week, half a day a month as an SDN member you can help your organisation help others. Volunteering you know can be very rewarding. So come on “Give it a go!”



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