SDN Information Stands and Collection-Please can you help for an hour or two?

Start Date:
19th November 2013

End Date:
19th November 2013

Start Time:
10:00 am

End Time:

Event title: SDN Information Stands and Collection
Start date: 19/11/2013
End date: 19/11/2013
Start time: 10 am
End time: To be decided
Venue: Morrisons Supermarket, Whitchurch Road Shrewsbury, SY1 4DL
Event description: At SDN we are really pleased to be able to have our Information Stands at Morrisons, Shrewsbury and really appreciate the support given to us by the Management and staff for allowing us to do this. While this is partally about raising money to fund our ongoing work of providing a website, newsletter, promotion and outreach of SDN, run a laser printer, pay insurance and the list goes on and on, it is also about making people aware of Shropshire Disability Network. We will have a selection of leaflets available and you will have opportunity to talk to us.We need and want to engage with our membership, spread the word about SDN to others who may benefit from knowing about us. We also need volunteers to help us man the stand throughout the day. If you feel you can help us, please call Ruby or email our email address. No one will be left to be at the stand alone . We hope you will feel you can help us on the day but as a rota needs to be produced in advance please contact us as soon as you can. If you can spare an hour or two it would help us. Many thanks. Weblink:

Name: Ruby Hartshorn
Contact email:
Contact number: 01743 340832

2 thoughts on “SDN Information Stands and Collection-Please can you help for an hour or two?

  1. Ruby

    We are short of helpers today, so if you can volunteer for an hour or two we would be grateful. Times that we are really struggling to fill are 12 noon to 1 pm (2 people needed) 1 pm to 2 pm one person required. Also 2 pm- 4 pm but there are other slots available and we would appreciate all the support you can give us. Money collected will go to further our work as SDN is expanding & with the Welfare Reforms take hold we are handling more inquiries so your help of time as well as money will be put to good use. Please call your Fundraising Lead on 01743 340832 if you can help us. Many thanks.

  2. Ruby

    Thank you to SDN Members & Volunteers -Grace Hough, Russell Price & Di Hughes for helping today. We raised £114.99. Please look out on this website as we are soon to produce a statement of information on how we could use this money.
    Thank you to Morrisons Supermarket, Shrewsbury for all their support and thank you to all our supporters. You help SDN provide this website for you and many others.

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