SDN Collection at Radbrook Green Co Op.

Start Date:
5th February 2016

End Date:
5th February 2016

Start Time:
10.00 am

End Time:
4 pm

Event title: SDN Collection at Radbrook Green Co Op.
Venue: The Co Op at Radbrook Green, Bank Farm Road, Shrewsbury, SY3 6DU
Name: Shropshire Disability Network Management Committee
Telephone: 07780 852 229
Event description: Would you help SDN raise awareness of our work, while having a cash collection for our funds? Your Management Committee really appreciates any help you can give us and we thank the staff at Radbrook Co Op part of Mid-Counties for allowing this to happen.

Why do we need to raise money for SDN? Unfortunately like all charitable organisations we need finance to operate. We can only operate if we fund-raise as that is our main source of income! every penny counts!

Our shopping list is ongoing but below we give you an idea of why we need to have these collections.

  • Promotional leaflets & membership forms-costs between £750 & £900 a year.
  • Website Costs re hosting & protecting our website & email addresses £475 approx per year.
  • We have 4 members meetings a year which cost a minimum of £550 a year.
  • Printed Newsletter costs at least £1048 a year-to print, post as necessary, envelopes.
  • We need to upgrade our website, keep it fresh, pay for add-ons as we grow.

On the day we will have a selection of leaflets available and shoppers will have opportunity to talk to us.We need and want to engage with our membership, spread the word about SDN to others who may benefit from knowing about us. We need volunteers to help us throughout the day. so if you feel you can help us, please call 07780 852 229 or email to offer help for an hour or two.

By giving us your time you are helping to finance our group as “time is money”. We always work in 2′s & 3′s so if you want to be with a friend to help please tell us as we appreciate that as well.

Thank you to all who support us throughout each year.

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