SDN Bag Pack/Collection at Sainsburys Telford

Start Date:
21st December 2018

End Date:
21st December 2018

Start Time:

End Time:

Event title: SDN Bag Pack/Collection at Sainsburys Telford
Venue: Sainsbury’s at Telford Forge Retail Park, Colliers Way, Telford TF3 4AG
Name: Ann Shaw
Telephone: 07398 350255
Event description: This is our last fundraiser & awareness day for 2018.
Sainsbury’s Telford have offered us a bag pack/collection at their store & we are very grateful that we have this opportunity.

Why raise money? A lot of our work takes place behind the scenes so it is not always obvious to see why a small local charity like SDN needs money to operate. To maintain this website, it costs money! We have to have insurance cover for all our events including our quarterly meetings. We pay for meeting room hire for our quarterly meetings including refreshments etc & there are invites to go to those who cannot access details on this site.

Our running costs include financing  our newsletter, providing information ie leaflets, cost of equipment (SDN laptops, projector, sound system, banners etc) We pay for postage, stationery, toner for our laser printer, paper costs all mount up. We need  publicity material so the shopping list grows.

We hope you will support us if you are shopping in Sainsbury’ s Telford today.
If you would like to help us for an hour or so between 9 am & 7 pm please call 07398 350255 (SDN Secretary Mobile Number) or email Ann our

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