Scoping research into under reporting of Hate Incidents in Shropshire.

Everyeatens of thousands of peopliBritaiarupset or hurin somwabecause of hothearseen bothers. It can include physical violence and brutality, as well as harassment such as being spat at,being called names,being threatened,being bullied through social networking sites or text messages and damage to your house or car.These arall called hatincidentand affect all kinds of peoplfrom all walks of life. Sometimes incidents might seem trivial at the time, but when repeated they can cause the same enormous damage to victims,theifamilies and friends,and twider communities as bigger incidents.

FRESh(Fairness,Respect,EqualitShropshire Ltd) have been funded by the Shropshire Hate Crime Group to do scoping research into under reporting of Hate Incidents in Shropshire. It would help if people can take part in a survey that forms part of this piece of work.

Click here to take part in the survey FRESh Final SHORT Hate Incident survey Details of how and where to return the survey are contained in the document.

You can also report hate crime incidents to us at 





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