Sam updates us on her personal journey to have an Assistance Dog

Hi everyone,

This is the second instalment of my blog about my journey towards getting an assistance dog. I have not got any further in doing fund-raising, as I have been busy with a course with the prince’s trust and volunteering.

However, I have thought further on some of the things an assistance dog could do to support me. I find it hard to wake up in the mornings as I’m often tired, and tend to fall back asleep unless I am being prompted. An assistance dog would be able to wake me up if I set an alarm by pawing at me. Having an assistance dog would also mean I will sleep better, as the weight of the dog on the bed, research has been shown helps the sleep pattern of people with autism, similar to the effects of a weighted blanket.

The dog would generally help with anxiety whilst out and about, and help with transitions to get to and from places by centring me and reducing my anxiety while I’m travelling by train and bus.

He would also be trained to provide a barrier between me and other people, so that I don’t get too overwhelmed in crowds. Generally I feel an assistance dog would improve my mood and give me a sense of purpose.

By the time I do my third blog, I hope to have got further in the logistics of how to fund my dog.

Thanks for reading,



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