Round £1 coins cease legal tender 15th October-Would you help us please?

At our March meeting we launched “Give Your Last Old £1 Coin to SDN” by giving out small containers for people to collect the old £1 coins to help our charity. This innovative idea to raise funding really is important and now with just one month left to use those old £1 coins as they cease legal tender on 15th October 2017, it is time we ask for your support again.

While the new 12 sided coins have now been in circulation in large numbers since March this year, it is time for us to start checking our money boxes, our pockets and anywhere else you may keep money.

We have had one or two containers returned but we know there are at least 12 more containers that we gave out still to be returned. We have a meeting on Thursday 21st September at Sundorne Sports Village. Details at this link so this is a good time for you to return your container and/or pick up a new one.

People can also request a container by emailing or calling 07780 852 229  Those who want to help will be helping our small local charity who carry out a large amount of work throughout the county of Shropshire. SDN is run in its entirety by volunteers, we have to fund raise to operate and this is a way you can help with our ongoing work. Ongoing costs include financing this website, paying for venues to hold meetings, public liability insurance including insuring all events, stationery, newsletter, publicity, equipment etc

Thank you to all who are supporting us.

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