Robin Hood (Relaxed Performance)

Start Date:
18th December 2016

End Date:
18th December 2016

Start Time:
2 pm

End Time:

Event title: Robin Hood (Relaxed Performance)
Venue: Ludlow Assembly Rooms, 1 Mill St, Ludlow SY8 1AZ
Name: Ludlow Assembly Rooms
Email: N/A
Telephone: 01584 878141
Event description: This performance takes place at Ludlow Assembly Rooms.

Robin Rood: The Panto (a relaxed performance)
Trouble is brewing as the nasty Shreiff of Nottingham is out to catch Robin Hood, whilst making plans to wed the fair Maid Marion – but Marion wants nothing to do with him. Meanwhile, deep in Sherwood Forest, our hero and his band of Merry Men are hard at work helping the poor, unaware of the plans the Sheriff has to catch them. With heroes and villains plus a larger than life panto dame in the shape of Nanny Nora Tittle Tattle, this year’s panto promises laughter, spectacle and sing-a-long songs for all the family to enjoy.

Relaxed performances are specifically designed to welcome people who will benefit from a more relaxed performance environment, including people with an Autism Spectrum Condition, sensory and communication disorders, dementia, or a learning disability. There is a relaxed attitude to noise and movement and some small changes made to the light and sound effects. This performance is open to everyone but please be aware other audience members may be disruptive or wish to move around during the performance.

Tickets cost £5 child / £8 adult / £22 family

To book tickets call 01584 878141 or click here

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