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We have set up an e petition regarding respiratory disease and asthma sufferers. This is non-political in the sense that it is not party political, and would benefit practically everyone. We have been going since May 2012, and are well inside the top 10% of current e petitions. This is for a cause that is not aimed at giving the signatories of the e petition financial gain, so you What we are proposing is that people who have been certified by a Doctor to be hypersensitive to anything relating to external pollution, which affects them in their own property (either a home purchased or anything 6 months rental or more) can ask to be moved to a suitable accommodation out of harms way. can see that it has much merit.


An example of this is that my wife has this condition, and the local housing association, has agreed that my wife can stay in a guest flat which is more than the half mile away from the re-roofing works of 7 blocks of flats. My wife can therefore leave the house during the day and return when the air has cleared. The flat has a bed, a suttee, a bathroom and nothing else. Again we are not looking for luxury, we are just wanting clean accommodation that can be used to stay healthy during the works.


I have been told by Asthma UK that the current Government is looking at prevention of asthma and respiratory disease incidents rather than cure. If this is the case, then this is what you have been looking for.


Most building firms and councils and the like have spare accommodation that can be used for this kind of emergency. Other companies may need to make a very small provision in their building contracts for people like my wife who have a condition that means they cannot live within an area of building works, road works etc.


The massive savings to everyone else will be the following:-

  1. Fewer deaths currently 3 a day from asthma.
  2. Fewer admissions to hospital, currently 219 per day from asthma alone.
  3. Fewer doctors Appointments.
  4. Fewer days off sick.
  5. Increased wages or financial security for the RD & A sufferer.
  6. Increased productivity for the employee.
  7. Increased productivity for the employer.
  8. Savings for the NHS.
  9. Fewer respiratory drugs needed by the patient and NHS.

All of this available just for making provision for the estimated 250,000 people who suffer even low level pollution from works. Over time this can be even more accurately predicted, with the knowledge of where these RD & A sufferers live.


We hope this makes perfect sense to you and we can work together to get these changes implemented.

Sara & Bruce Campbell

REF : Respiratory Disease and Asthma E Petition.

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