REMAP – Shropshire


Shropshire Panel


Chairman: John Graham


Telephone: 07807 113285/ 01743 341626

Project Secretary and referrals : Steve Bloor


Telephone: 07980 586617/ 01743 340237

Address: 83 Underdale Road,Shrewsbury, SY2 5EF

REMAP works with a nationwide network of  volunteers to support and help people with disabilities to achieve much-desired independence in some aspect of their lives, or to enjoy leisure opportunities previously closed to them. They provide equipment tailor-made by volunteer experts that are given free to the people who need them.

Because, as well as being inventive and skillful, they also care about people in their local communities who have disabilities – even a combination of them – which mainstream services have not been able to counteract. Their volunteers think these people matter a great deal – enough to give their time and energies for free, taking the trouble to ensure that each item they make really suits the individual person concerned and does the job it is meant to do.

For example just because an engineer craftsman is disabled does not make him unsuitable to volunteer to help us. In Hereford a blind carpenter makes highly complex wooden items with the help of a driver/ measurer.

Remap already has 85 panels across England, Wales and northern Ireland, and helps over 3,000 people with disabilities each year.

Remap Shropshire PDF. Click here to download: remap_shropshire leaflet

One thought on “REMAP – Shropshire

  1. Amy Smith - Support Worker, Shropshire Housing Alliance

    Hi, My name is Amy Smith I am a support worker from the Shropshire housing Alliance. Im not sure if your service would be able to help one of my clients who lives in Oswestry? My client is extremely vulnerable with mental health issues. She has no support available from family or friends in terms of maintenance at her home. She is living on a very low income and so has no surplus money to be able to afford expensive call out costs of a plumber, electrician or handy person. She currently has a problem with the following appliances:
    -Washing Machine: The washing switches on and washes the clothes but where as the washing cycle used to take 2 hours to complete it is now taking approx. 3 hrs, my client has informed me that it is not going onto the spin cycle? And now when she uses the washing machine it is throwing the electric trip which greatly concerns my client as she has low level independent living skills and panics about switching the trip back on.
    -Chest Freezer: My client has informed me that her freezer is still working in terms of it keeping her contents of food frozen but the green light at the bottom of the freezer keeps flickering which is causing her great concern. I am not sure if your service can help my client? I was given your contact details from another agency who I work with. We would be extremely grateful if your service is able to help my client with her maintenance issues? or if you have any information on any other services in the Oswestry area that would be able to help? Many Thanks for your assistance with this matter, Amy Smith, Support Worker, Shropshire Housing Alliance

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