Red Nose Day-What are you doing? Please Tell Us

Start Date:
14th March 2014

End Date:
14th March 2014

Start Time:

End Time:

Event title: Red Nose Day-What are you doing? Please Tell Us
Venue: Throughout the UK
Name: Shropshire Disability Network is asking you to let us have your events
Telephone: N/A
Event description: Red Nose Day is a national event which aims at helping people all over the UK and the rest of the world. It’s fair to say that Red Nose Day has become a recognised Annual Event since its launch in 1988, that people look forward to each year. Everyone can take part, from arranging a fundraising event, collecting, putting a few pence in a box-even buying a Red Nose you contribute-it all helps.

In 2013 an astounding £100,331,808 was raised to help eradicate world poverty but the needs of people across the globe continue.

How about telling SDN what you are doing this Red Nose Day. May be your school, college, scout group, office where you work… or you as an individual have decided to organise something. What is happening in Shropshire? We want you to share with us, so we can share with others.

Email to what you are planning. Thank You.

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