Questionnaire about the future of YourVoice

Below are the questions asking for your opinion on the future of YourVoice. You can print this page OR you can click the link to download a copy to print. Fill in your answers and send it off to Peter Staples at the address given below.

YV Questionnaire

Please circle the answers which best reflect your opinions

1 Do you agree with the proposal to move from a monthly to six-weekly production schedule? Yes/No

2 Do you find the typefaces used in YourVoice easy to read? Yes/No

3 Do you like the layout of YourVoice?     Yes/No

4 Do you find the directory pages at the back of YourVoice helpful? Yes/No

5 YourVoice seeks to report controversial issues without being party political. Do you agree with this policy? Yes/No

6 If you answered ‘No’ to question 5, how would you prefer YourVoice to report current issues? Please give brief comments here, and continue on another sheet if necessary


7 YourVoice is presently 16 pages per issue. Should it be bigger ?     

8 Should YourVoice be smaller? Yes/No

9 Use this space to make any general observations or suggestions about the effectiveness of YourVoice, continue on another sheet if necessary



Please return the completed questionnaire either electronically or by post to Peter Staples, YourVoice Editor, 8 Gorse Lane, Bayston Hill, Shrewsbury, SY3 0JJ