Psychological Therapies Past and Present

If you read last Baggins Blog re: Children’s Services, then you may understand that after a rather traumatic childhood, something may give, it did, ME. Some don’t like the term ‘Mental Breakdown’ but that is what happen to me. 

I totally broke down. So in my mid-twenties I was sectioned, drugged, in a solitary locked room in a German Psychiatric Hospital.  I came back to U.K. but was still in denial of what was happening to me. So began a ‘revolving door’ of hospital admissions plus disappearing to and fro between U.K. and Europe. 

However; Again I feel I was fortunate, as I met an incredible, unconventional Psychiatrist at Shelton Hospital, and so started 18 months of one-to-one intensive, emotional often tearful Psychotherapy sessions, where I finally allowed myself to embrace all my emotions and feel safe in doing so. Even when I moved to Aberdovey in Wales I was able to continue travelling every week to Chaddeslode House for my one-to-one Talking Therapy Sessions. Since then no more drugs and only one brief voluntary hospital admission. I still have anxiety & depression but now can self-manage it. 

So was I more fortunate in the 1980’s to have that continuity of therapeutic help than folk in 2014?

If you move out of area can you still continue with your one-to-one therapy sessions?

Can you still phone your Therapist/Psychiatrist for a supportive chat?

Can you still have long-term intensive one-to-one therapy sessions? 

Would really appreciate comments/feedback to this latest blog.  Thank You 

SDN says this is the third Baggings Blog and we would like to hear from you, so would our blogger. Does it raise questions that you would like answered? Did you get the help you needed, if so how easy was it to source it?

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  1. Lynda Jones

    Have had some lovely positive feedback via twitter from ‘up North’> Newcastle/Tyneside >Norfolk >Staffordshire; London area, plus retweets. So I’m pleased that it has sparked interest and hope it may help others that are going through similar experiences.There is light at the end of the tunnel……eventually. Take care Folks and feel free to post a comment if you so wish 🙂 Lynda.

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