Pick up the phone you’re not alone…

Pick up the phone you’re not alone: further support for people concerned about suicide.

A new card offering advice and support to those suffering from suicidal thoughts has been launched across Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin.

The launch, at Shropshire’s Health and Wellbeing Board, marked World Suicide Prevention Day (Tuesday 10 September 2019) whereby communities across the world came together to raise awareness of suicide prevention.

The Z cards designed by Shropshire and Telford Suicide Prevention Network in collaboration with those who have been affected by suicide, are aimed at people of all ages who are experiencing suicidal thoughts or who are concerned for others.

The Zcards are small enough to be easily carried in a wallet, purse or pocket so as to be used as reference whenever needed and provides:

  • Brief advice and guidance on how to address concerns
  • Contacts for a confidential, listening ear
  • Urgent contacts to seek immediate appropriate support.

Pick Up the phone

Suicide affects all types of people and communities and is associated with a wide variety of factors such as depression, alcohol and drug misuse, unemployment, family and relationship problems, social isolation and loneliness.

Between 2013 and 2015 there were 131 deaths formally recorded as suicide across Shropshire and Telford. These numbers are likely to be underestimated due to the legal necessities for categorising a suicide death.

The Zcards will be distributed to various locations across Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin, including GP practices, hospitals, libraries, businesses, customer service points to name a few.

You can access the cards online at https://shropshire.gov.uk/disability-information/mental-health/suicide-prevention/

Anyone, whether you’re a child or an adult needing support or just someone to talk to, should call the Samaritans 24-hour support service on 116 123 or make an urgent appointment to see their GP.

To access adult mental health services, in Shropshire call 0300 124 0365, and for Telford call 0300 303 1601 or visit http://www.sssft.nhs.uk/services/adult-mental-health.

To read and find out more, click this linkhttps://newsroom.shropshire.gov.uk/2019/09/suicide-zcards-prevention/

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