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Director Alison Smith’s Twitter page: @peskypeople

Pesky People harnesses digital media, content and social networking to profile, challenge and change the lack of inclusion and access for Disabled and Deaf people. Pesky People works with disabled people, digital providers and creative industries and commercial sector to seek and create solutions that improve digital access and inclusion.

They utilise social networking extensively to promote our work. Pesky People has worked with the WM Digital and event producers Forum, Talk About Local and We Share Stuff. Pesky People is led by Disabled and Deaf people. They challenge, inform, promote Disabled and Deaf people’s digital rights including:

  • highlight the need for full access to all digital content
  • complain to web providers, private and voluntary sector companies to get it right
  • take up digital access issues
  • offer plain advice to organisations and companies on how to make their service, conference or website really work for Disabled and Deaf people.
  • offer by our experience – we are not technical experts but a team disabled and deaf people with a lifetime of experience of Disability and Deaf issues, working in arts, events, cultural and community developments

Alison Smith with Jon SnowPesky People Director, Alison Smith (pictured with broadcaster Jon Snow at the SMK Foundation Awards) is a Disabled and Deaf Arts consultant working in the creative industries since 1992. She is an Artistic Producer/Programmer, project manager, performance poet, fundraiser, mentor, trainer, conference organiser and poetry workshop leader. She also delivers Disability Awareness Training. Alison was instrumental in the development of

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