Patient Information Forum


The Patient Information Forum (PIF) is the UK membership organisation and network for people working in, and involved with, healthcare information and support.

PIF is an independent, not-for-profit organisation, and together with our members, we believe that high quality healthcare information and support should be available to everyone.  Healthcare information isn’t just about leaflets and printed information. It’s much broader than that; it can be hospital signage, appointment letters, websites, informed consent, personal health records, patient education programmes, social media, the list goes on.  Good information and support engages people in their well-being, improves their experience and enables them and their families or carers to make choices about their lifestyle, treatment and the services they use.

Our Purpose

The Patient Information Forum is committed to improving the healthcare experience of patients and the public.  We do this by supporting individuals and organisations to provide high-quality, clearly communicated, evidence-based healthcare information, which is accessible and developed with its users, so that everyone can understand their care, and make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing choices.

Information is much more than just a leaflet.  It is a therapy in its own right, and provides the foundation of patient education, person-centred care, shared decision making and self-management.

Access to quality, accurate, evidence-based healthcare information provides a robust platform from which patients and healthcare professionals can engage in a shared partnership to improve health outcomes.

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