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Website: https://www.optionsautism.co.uk

Email: info@optionsautism.co.uk

Contact Form: https://www.optionsautism.co.uk/contact/

Telephone: 08442 487187

Options, part of Outcomes First Group, provide care and education to children, young people and adults with autism, complex needs and learning difficulties. We offer a pathway of services, with specialist teams of highly trained staff, including education, care and therapeutic teams. We provide a person centred approach to education and care, looking at the full needs of the individual and adapting our interventions accordingly.

Offers services for:

  • People with autistic spectrum disorders – Person-centred programmes for people with ASD integrating the key elements of care, education and therapy. Providing stimulating learning environments and comprehensive clinical support. Promoting social, communication and life skills development alongside educational achievement. ASD-specific services include three schools, two Adolescent to Adult Preparation Services (AALPS), and a range of residential options for young people and adults which focus on community integration.
  • People with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties – Adopting a highly individualised approach to integrating care, education and therapy in BESD services, focussing on continuity and consistency of service from childhood to adulthood. Personalised programmes are designed to enable people to feel nurtured and secure as they make tangible, measurable progress towards independent living. BESD services include Young Options, residential and educational services for children and young adults; Family Options, a specialist fostering service for young people aged 7 to 17; and Further Options, ongoing community based accommodation and support for young people and adults aged 16+.

We have places throughout the UK. We have Helpful Fact Sheets on our website which are available for you to download.

To make a referral to Options or for further information on our referral process or any of our services, either complete our online form, email referrals@optionsautism.co.uk or call 08442 487187 and select option 1.


Find us on Face Book @optionsautism  and Twitter @optionsautism 

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