Opportunity to take part in Shropshire Police Citizens’ Academy

Applications to take part in Shropshire Police Citizens’ Academy 2017 are now open. They close on 13th January 2017.

What is Shropshire Police Citizens’ Academy? West Mercia Police offers this opportunity enabling you to find out, first hand about the day to day working of the local police force. It is a 10 week course starting on 1st March 2017 and on completion of the course you will graduate on 10th May 2017. The evenings start at 6.30 pm and finish around 9.30 pm.

Who is it for? Anyone can apply if they are at least 18 years of age and live in Shropshire. Criteria will be applied to the selection process and successful applicants will be subject to security checks.

What will I do? The academy covers a whole range of police work from learning about the work of the Police Cadets to Crime Prevention. It will include the work of fire arms officers, the work carried out by Safer Neighbourhood teams as well as road safety, forensic investigation, internet safety and a whole lot more.

Aims of the Course: The aim of the course is to open up communication between the community and the police, educate the public about police procedures, reduce the fear of crime and increase personal safety. The course is very much two way, you have opportunity to ask questions, challenge & really learn so much. It is hoped that those who attend the Citizens’ Academy will then be able to pass on their experiences and increased knowledge to the rest of the community, or take up the chance to become Special Constables or Volunteers with the Police or other agencies

Comments by a Shropshire Police Citizens’ Academy Graduate:

Jane said “It gave me opportunity to ask those burning questions, I was wary of the police & don’t know why but now I understand their work, could ask those questions. I learnt so much & it has helped me by being on the Local Independent Advisory Group (LIAG) for the police”

Rachel said” I have a disability & was not sure whether I would cope with a 10 week course. Those leading the course understood my difficulties & ensured I was included. It gave me incite into what the police do in Shropshire. We had two talks and discussions each Wednesday night. I knew very little about many areas of police work but now feel better informed. I was part of the LIAG and now I have joined the Disability Independent Advisory Group. I met many new people & have made new friends. Every night on the course was different & so informative, I can recommend it”

To make an application click here: application_form_4

For more information: https://www.westmercia.police.uk/article/26366/Join-Shropshire-Police-Citizens-Academy

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