Open Harmony CIC music survey

Start Date:
1st June 2021

End Date:
31st July 2021

Start Time:

End Time:

Open Harmony CIC is gathering evidence about how the power of music, especially when enjoyed in small groups with like-minded people, can be very beneficial for those who are suffering due to their mental health and/or isolation.  

This survey is for everyone, of all backgrounds and abilities because we can all enjoy music, even if it’s just listening to or enjoying our own music collection at home.  Please share this with your family and friends as it all helps build a picture of the need in the local area that we can then use to grow and reach many more people. 

It’s called Music for wellbeing, only takes 2 minutes, you can stay anonymous and any personal data you choose to give will not be shared:

Open Harmony CIC promotes:

  • Connection: strengthening relationships

  • Happiness: increased health and wellbeing and

  • Purpose: confidence and contribution

through music and the creative arts (e.g. dance, visual arts, drama) They are inclusive, passionate and strive for excellence, to find out more have a look at Open Harmony CIC website

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