Only order the medicines you need!

Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group and Telford CCG ask you to order only the medication you need. Patients are being advised to stop panic ordering prescriptions by health leaders in Shropshire, and Telford and Wrekin.

Shropshire CCG, and Telford and Wrekin CCG, have seen a second rise in the public trying to order their prescriptions ahead of time or asking for more than they need.

The CCGs have separate Prescription Ordering Services, known as POD.

Before lockdown, both services were flooded with requests from people unnecessarily stockpiling medication and trying to reactivate old prescription requests which were years out of date.

Both PODs introduced an email system in response to increased activity and to ease the pressure on phone lines. Emailing remains an option for people ordering repeat prescriptions.

Stephanie Munro-Jones, Lead Pharmacy Technician – POD at Shropshire CCG, said:

“We are asking people not to try ordering their medicines if they have more than seven days’ supply left, as their request will not be dealt with.”

Vicky Clayton, Senior Pharmacy Technician – POD Lead at Telford and Wrekin CCG, said:

“If patients are trying to order medicines before they should be, they are holding up the phone lines and clogging up the emails. This is stopping patients who really need medication from getting essential help.

“We will also not be requesting longer supplies than a person usually has.”

For patients registered with a Shropshire GP practice please call 033 33 583 509  or email:

Please visit for more information on Shropshire’s POD service.

For patients registered with a Telford and Wrekin GP practice please call 01952 580350 or email:

Please visit for more information on Telford and Wrekin’s POD service.

Repeat prescription requests can also be submitted electronically by using the NHS app (download the app and register to use it) and patients can check their practice website about registering to use ‘Patient Access’ to submit prescription requests electronically.

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