National Volunteers Week! – are you doing your bit?

Start Date:
1st June 2012

End Date:
8th June 2012

Start Time:
every day

End Time:
every day

NationalVolunteers Week in June celebrates, in all sorts of ways, the work of volunteers, whether you describe yourself as a volunteer or not, if you do something for others for nothing, occasionally, regularly, or as a one off, you are a volunteer!  Shropshire Disability Network is wholly organised and run by volunteers, and we are always keen to welcome more people to volunteer with us and give us ideas and the capacity to do more for others.  

So, do you have half an hour a week you could spare?  Are you stuck at home because of lack of transport,  lack of a job,because you have a disability but with a brain keen for some stimulation, or a personality keen for some social interaction?  We might be your solution.   We don’t need people to travel, we volunteers mostly communicate by phone or internet connection and  give a bit of time that helps us with our newsletter, our content and articles for our website. 

If you do want to get out and about we would welcome seeing you at our meetings, or helping us with our fundraising events but most of all we just want you to share with us your ideas and thoughts about the ways that Shropshire Disability Network might give out better information, be in the right place at the right time to raise our profile, take up a cause on behalf of disabled people, or just help out now and again.  The choice is yours, but if you could do any of the above we would love to have you with us and would make sure you could celebrate National Volunteers week too!  We really are a friendly bunch who care about enabling people with disability to participate and be involved in lvining a full and active life!

Get in touch to chat:  01948 840726 or email   to find out more.

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