National Glaucoma Awareness Week-The Thief of Sight!

Start Date:
11th June 2012

End Date:
17th June 2012

Start Time:

End Time:

Event title: National Glaucoma Awareness Week-The Thief of Sight!
Start date: 11/06/2012
End date: 17/06/2012
Start time: Various
End time: Various
Venue: See IGA websitre for details of events, TV/Radio programmes etc
Event description: Specsavers in Bridgnorth are one of several opticians backing National Glaucoma Awareness Week. The title “The Thief of Sight” has been given to this week because that is what Glaucoma does-it typically steals your sight without you noticing. Drivers aged over 40 are being urged to have regular eye examinations in order to get appropriate treatment as soon as Glaucoma is diagnosed. Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in the UK but it can be treated if detected early. One of the first signs of Glaucoma is loss of peripheral vision, which can be lethal when you’re driving. People with a family history of Glaucoma get eye examinations FREE! Please contact IGA at the email address for more information or look at their website to find out what is happening in your area. Most important, if you are over 40 or have not had an eye test for two years or have a glaucoma in your family then book an opticians appointment today! Just don’t let that sneaky thief steal your SIGHT!!

Name: Mark Skehan
Contact email:
Contact number: 01746 713950


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