My message to people that are struggling with motivation…..

“My message to people that are struggling with motivation”…..sharing a good local story.

All of us whether we have a disability, a long term condition or none can admire those able to aspire to the dizzy heights of being an Olympian/Paralympian and even if we don’t achieve that dream to stand on that podium & receive a medal; to be chosen to go forward, that in itself is a massive achievement.

SDN chairperson writes: “Shropshire Disability Network are one of the founder partners in the Inclusively Fit project that started in December 2014 but what is this project really all about? It may be that someone will become a world champion, a county champion or similar & gain some accolade in a particular activity. She asks “What about those who want to have a go at an activity but have not had that opportunity or don’t know where to find accessible, affordable activities?

Those who read our newsletter or have seen the project leaflets will have read that the aims of the project are:

  • To enable sport and physical activity to be a part of everybody’s everyday life across Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin.
  • To ensure disabled people and their families can make informed choices on physical activity provision across the County.
  • To reduce social isolation for disabled people and their families by being more active.

2 years into the project, we hope this will be the first of many good news stories we can bring you. As a result of support from the Inclusively Fit project to provide a small amount of funding, Arleston Community Centre now have a weekly table tennis session. Well done Arleston.

This is what one of the organisers said:

“It’s great to see Arleston Community Centre being used in conjunction with the Shropshire Disability Network a partner in the Inclusively Fit Project  to provide a table tennis session suitable for all abilities. Jess Lightwood, Inclusion Officer has been instrumental in getting this session off the ground from it’s start in January this year.

We dusted off the table tennis tables and there are now a few regular members, who are Arleston residents that love playing table tennis! It’s great to see them having so much fun, getting out into their community and being active in a safe and fun environment. We hope the group will continue to grow in numbers and stay a regular feature of the centre”.

Arleston-Table Tennis

Nathan who now plays weekly said:

I stayed in at home most of the week, hardly going out. I found it hard to get out and motivate myself…so I stayed in at home every day. My message to people that are struggling with motivation, is to get help from people (Inclusively Fit) to give you mental and emotional support. I really enjoy the Table Tennis, it’s an activity I really like doing and I get to see my friends.”

Table tennis is suitable for all abilities, including those with a sensory or physical impairment as the activity can be played from a seated position.

To find out more about these sessions click here: Table Tennis at Arleston CC

Click on this Be Active and see what is available for you:


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