Men Over 50, Don’t get Wrecked, Get Checked

Start Date:
13th March 2017

End Date:
13th March 2017

Start Time:
6 pm

End Time:
8 pm

Event title: Men Over 50, Don’t get Wrecked, Get Checked
Venue: Jubilee House, 74 High St, Madeley, Telford TF7 5AH
Name: Ironbridge Lions
Email: N/A
Telephone: 0845 833 9516
Event description: Men in the Telford area are being invited to attend a special event
on 13th March 2017 from 6 pm to 8 pm at Jubilee House, Madeley,where they will be able to get checked for prostate Cancer FREE of charge.
After discovering the heart-stopping facts about prostate cancer, Ironbridge Lions decided to run the event which will be FREE to all men who attend.

Prostate cancer affects around 45,000 men in the UK every year. Of those almost one third will die of the disease. In Shropshire alone, around 250 men are diagnosed annually with prostate cancer. Despite these frightening statistics there is no national screening programme for
prostate cancer, which is why Ironbridge Lions, together with Ironbridge Rotary Club, are encouraging & inviting all local men in categories ‘at risk’ from the disease to attend the event and get checked by having a simple blood test.
Early diagnosis of prostate cancer results in better outcomes, and that is why every man in an ‘at risk’ category should come along and get checked. 
The ‘at risk’ categories for prostate cancer are:-

  • All men over 50
  • All men over 40 with a history of the disease in the family
  • Any man over 45 from an African/West Indian ethnic group.

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