Medical Alert Seat Belt Covers

Have you wondered what might happen if you were involved in an accident and were unable to tell the emergency services about your medical conditions?

This appears to be one solution. A seat belt cover which lists your conditions clearly. They can be bought ‘off the peg’ or customised to your specific conditions. These belts are shipped from America.

The manufacturer says:

“I am excited to introduce “HELP BELTS,” the medical alert seat belt covers that speak for your loved ones when they can’t! HELP BELTS alert emergency personal to pre-existing conditions in order to prevent medical misdiagnosis in life threatening motor vehicle accidents.

When the HELP BELT is in place, First Responders are given vital information even when you aren’t able to advocate for them.

Having a son who is non-verbal, has autism and also epilepsy I always fear being in an accident or a situation where I become incapacitated or worse. This is why I created HELP BELTS!”

Prices start at £10.84 plus £9.94 shipping costs. For further information or to place an order go to:

Similar belts are available online in the UK from companies such as Amazon. They can also be bought via various shops on which means if you choose to support us, SDN would get a donation from each sale at no extra cost to you!

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