Local Giving Day-Grow Your Tenner, Tuesday 11th December 2018

Today Local Giving campaign, kicks off at 10am, 11th December 2018, (we) Shropshire Disability Network will have the opportunity to benefit from doubled monthly donations for a full 6 months. 

Anyone wishing to support our charity can set up a direct debit of up to £10 during Grow Your Tenner 2018 will have their donations matched for 6 months (after an initial 6 months of unmatched donations. The campaign will run until the match funding is fully allocated or 12am on Thursday the 10th January – whichever comes first. 

To donate to us click here: https://localgiving.org/charity/shropshiredisabilitynetwork/

Local Giving Rules:

  • Supporter limits: Each supporter may set up one Direct Debit donation to a Localgiving member they wish to support through the campaign. No more than one Direct Debit may be set up per individual to each Localgiving member, but a supporter may donate to as many charities as they wish.
  • Charity limits: Each charity may receive up to £5,000 match funding. Donations to the charity will be matched until their limits are hit or match funding has run out, or the campaign ends.  
  • Match fund size: We have a match fund pot of £100,000.

To find out more about Local Giving click here: https://shropshire-disability.net/local-giving/

To donate to us click here: https://localgiving.org/charity/shropshiredisabilitynetwork/

Shropshire Disability Network wishes to thank all who support our charity by donating financially or by giving their time to us.



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