Leisure Facilities Strategy 2018-2023 Consultation

Start Date:
16th September 2020

End Date:
29th October 2020

Start Time:

End Time:

In 2018 Shropshire Council developed an Indoor Leisure Facility Strategy 2018-2023 which set out a hierarchy of provision across our leisure facilities.

They’ve delivered on a number of actions identified within the strategy but there is now a need to update it in light of changing needs, and alongside the development of a new Rural and Community Strategy, Corporate Plan and a place-based approach to the delivery of all the services we offer as a council.

This updated strategy will be an ever-evolving document to support the delivery of sport and physical activity, and will be the basis on which they will take forward sport and physical activity and leisure services with partners and stakeholders. The strategy is about the facilities needed to support residents to engage in physical activity whilst also contributing to place-making and to the identity of a locality, and informing the local plan.

The new strategy seeks to remove the current three-tier system of investment in facilities  which would have resulted in the closure of a number of facilities. It seeks to replace it with an approach based on community needs, aspirations, partnership, sustainability and resilience, whilst enabling a more commercial approach to service delivery.

The strategy also focuses on partnership working alongside shared services and investment based on community priorities. It will ensure that Shropshire Council services provide value for money to the local community taxpayers by reducing subsidy across the leisure facilities portfolio through the development of a mixed economy of provision and activity.

In some instances, a commercial approach will be appropriate to service delivery. Other areas of Shropshire will require a more community-based health and wellbeing service-based approach, focusing on increasing activity and interaction, whilst other areas will require a mixed economy of provision. This approach should secure a more sustainable offer across the whole of Shropshire.

Download  this document at this link: Shropshire Council Leisure Facilities Strategy Summary.pdf

You can comment on Shropshire Council Leisure Facilities Strategy proposals by completing a short survey. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/LeisureFacilitiesStrategy

To find out more about the draft Leisure Facilities Strategy please email: leisure@shropshire.gov.uk

Note this Consultation is open from Wednesday 16th September 2020 and closes on Thursday 29th October 2020

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