Last Hearing Aid Clinic for 2017 at Craven Arms

Start Date:
4th December 2017

End Date:
4th December 2017

Start Time:
10 am

End Time:
12 noon

Event title: Last Hearing Aid Clinic for 2017 at Craven Arms
Venue: Lambeth Community Room, Lambeth Close, Craven Arms SY7 9PD
Name: Rachel Whitney
Telephone: 01743 342163
Event description: Our final hearing aid support clinic in Craven Arms for 2017 is this morning. Look out for dates in 2018 when we will be back.

(We continue to hold the Ludlow drop in hearing aid support clinic every second Monday from 10-12 at Helena Lane Day Centre, Hamlet Road, Ludlow.)

Drop in for hearing aid re-tubing, battery collection and advice on care of your hearing aid. If you have more complex problems with how your hearing aid sounds, please contact Audiology at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital by calling 01743  261482 SMS 07913798467 or email

These clinics will be staffed by NHS Audiology trained volunteers.

For more information please call Rachel on 01743 342163 or email

Click here for poster: Craven Arms Hearing Aid Clinic 1 pg

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