Kelda writes -Well the great news this week is the International Panel agreed to…

World Cup Selection

Well, the great news this week is that the International Panel agreed to let me compete at the World Cup, despite being unable to race at the selection regatta last weekend. This means that later in May I’ll be going out to Duisburg in Germany to compete in my first International representing GB. I’ve still got a huge amount of work to do, but this will fulfil a dream I’ve had since childhood and will be my first major step towards Rio next year. Exciting times!

The pressure is on a little now….but in a good way. I’m still having to manage the stress fracture to my rib. I’ve made progress this week and we’re starting to increase the training load again. So far so good! I did have a slight wobble during the week…having started to join in sessions with the rest of the squad again, I realised just how far I’ve fallen behind them all in the time I’ve been injured. I know I’ll get my strength and speed back pretty quickly, but it knocked me quite a bit when I couldn’t keep up with them! However, wobbles are OK and only to be expected….the challenge is using them to motivate and drive you forwards, and not to set you back.

So, I had to take rein check, put things in perspective….then work even harder! I did a couple of 200m on Friday, the first time I’ve done this since my injury. There’s so much still to work on, but I was pleased to be just 1 second off my PB even though I was just working at a threshold pace. (OK, so my PB was from last year when I was still just focusing on not falling in, but hey, we’ve got to take the positives from all this!)

I’ve also lost 13mm in my skin-folds, so all those killer sessions on the bike are paying off!

The squad are off to the Europeans at the end of the week. They’ve worked so hard all winter so it’d be fantastic to see them come back with a good haul of medals! In the meantime, I’ve got 4 weeks to get my head down, work hard and make sure I can go out to the World Cup and be the best I possibly can be….time to show them what I’m made of!


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