Kelda writes To be honest…I’ve been proper grumpy!


Do you want me to be honest….I’ve been proper grumpy this week! I’m fed up of half killing myself on the bike and hours of tedious rehab, when I can’t even get out on the water and start to feel the benefit of it all! Grrrrrrr! I’ve struggled to keep motivated, and I’ve felt really frustrated watching the other guys training on the lake!

OK, so I know it’s all heading in the right direction and I’m sure I’m getting huge benefits from it all…..but still – I WANT TO PADDLE!!!!! There, rant over…..I’m allowed to be grumpy once in a while!!

It hasn’t helped that it was the first race of the season this Saturday….and, while the rest of the squad were racing, where was I…in the gym giving myself wobbly legs syndrome after another lactic session on the bike!

Is it time to stop moaning yet!!

On a positive note, I really can feel the benefits of all the rehab – I just sooo want to get back to lifting a bit of weight! I can go for a light 2k paddle on Monday….which is VERY exciting. Fingers crossed, if nothing flares up, I can start getting back into a bit of light training the following week. I sooooo hope so!

I chatted with Matt, my coach, on Friday….there may be a chance of me racing at the next regatta if everything goes well with my recovery. We’ve said we’ll make a decision after Easter weekend, and from there we can start to consider whether there’s any chance of me being back in time for the World Cup later in May. I’m keeping everything crossed. If I can get to the World Cup then I’ll know for sure that I’ve got my international classification, something I’d rather not wait until the Worlds in August to find out!

I’m still looking at this whole process, it is all part of the learning curve, and it’ll make me a stronger athlete in the long run….but hey, everyone’s allowed a grumpy week!:-)

What doesn’t break us makes us stronger!


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