Kelda writes- Some good news….at last! I’m back on track for Rio.

Kelda writes- Some good news….at last! I”m back on track for Rio!

We’re straight back into the thick of training now….and it hurts! But as the old saying goes “No pain, no gain!”

We’re working hard, but it’s all been worth it! This week I’ve had the news I’ve been waiting for…..they’ve decided to take me forward as the GB 2nd  boat and I’m currently on the list to go to the training camp in Brazil in January! This is a huge stepping stone for me and makes all the up’s and downs on the last few months worth every ounce of digging deep that it’s taken to keep going.

I’m now back on track for Rio…it’s not going to be easy, and there’s a great deal of hard work, discipline and sweaty sessions to come over the winter if I’m going to get where I know I can go. But it’s happening – and that is all I needed to know!

I’m paddling well and feeling strong – it’s also given me a huge confidence boost to know that the coaches believe in me. It’s one thing to convince yourself that you believe you can do it, but to have the backing of the coaches means a massive amount to me. I can feel the difference in my approach to training since they told me of their decision. I’ve got everything to play for now, I feel part of the squad and I’m going to be giving it everything…… and then a bit more… come out in the spring ready to challenge the GB first boat.

I’ve now handed in my notice at Battle Back for the next 12 months so I can concentrate on training full time…that may be a little brave (or maybe stupid) as I still haven’t raised the sponsorship I need – but hey, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I have no intention of letting it slip me by. I’ll make things work somehow!

Whether you believe you can, or you believe you can’t…you’re probably right.”

I believe I can!!

It’s bizarre for “believing” to be so relevant to my own journey right now – on Friday night I was lucky enough to be invited as the guest speaker at the Wigan Sports Awards. The theme for the evening was “Believe” – so it fitted in perfectly with my story!

It was an amazing night and I met some incredible people, I felt very privileged to get the opportunity to talk to a room full of so much support. It was touching, and very inspiring, to speak to people afterwards and realise how much they could relate to my own journey. I felt slightly embarrassed when people said how inspired they’d been by my story, but actually, what I take away from the evening, is just how powerful sport can be, and if the ripple effect of my own journey can then help others, then that is a truly fantastic thing.

I received this message on face book the following evening….

Your story last night at Wigan helped inspire my 11 old daughter Nicole to a Silver medal, in the British indoor freestyle Snowboarding championship today, even after getting to bed at midnight, thank you”

This just blew me away, and means nearly as much as any Gold medal…but the biggest congratulations go to Nicole – if she chose to take on board some of what I said on Friday night and use it to spur her on in her competition then that is full credit to her, especially at just 11yrs old! A true champion in the making!:-)

A massive congratulations must go out to all the awards winners and nominees who were all making remarkable achievements. It was a pleasure to meet and chat with them all. Congratulations must also go to Wigan SDU for organising such a fantastic night.

So, now it’s back to believing in my own journey, getting my head down and making it happen…..if Nicole can do it, then so can I!





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