Kelda writes “It’s Rehab Rehab Rehab”

Kelda writes “It’s Rehab Rehab Rehab”

It’s been a challenging week for most of the squad. 2 weeks ago, we were notified about changes in the classification system for the sport and the new system means some athletes will no longer be eligible to compete, and some will move into a new class. This has hit the squad hard and created some real challenges for a number of athletes. I guess this is the cut throat side of the sport, but a lot of dreams have been put on the line this week, which isn’t nice to see.

For me, it looks pretty certain I will still get classification. I’m a borderline athlete as I have only a minimal disability, but I should still classify the under the new system. My biggest challenge currently is managing the stress fracture I picked up 2 weeks ago. We’ve now put a rehab programme together….it’s important we deal with the reasons why the injury happened, not just getting it to heal as quickly as possible, so a tedious and pretty boring rehab regime is now in place! I understand why I have to do it….but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating when you want to push on with full training.

On the positive side of things though, I do believe this will leave me in a stronger position when I get back into full training. The Europeans and probably the World Cup are out for me now, but this means we’ve got time to work on my weaknesses, get me strong and robust so I can aim to get out and give it my all at the Worlds in August. The aim is to be back into full training by May, which then gives me just over 3 months to get back strong and fully fit for the Worlds….and in the meantime, it’s rehab, rehab, rehab! What fun!!!! Lol.

Last week I also went along to the Winter School Games held at Shrewsbury Sports Village and organised by Energize in conjunction with Sainsbury’s and Shropshire Homes. There were over 750 young people there and it was fantastic to see the energy and enthusiasm from them all. There was a great atmosphere and some competitive sports being played. Well done to all those involved.

It was an honour to speak to the VIP’s attending the day, and there may now be the opportunity for me to work with young people in some of our local schools supporting and raising awareness about the benefits of sport, something that I’m excited and very passionate about.

It’s still a busy time with everything else. It’s the Climbing Out Charity Evening next Saturday so there’s lots to get organised for that, and on Friday I‘m off to the National SHE Awards having been nominated for an award along with 3 other Shropshire woman….time to get the glad rags on for the evening – I better go and dust the cobwebs off them!



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