Kelda writes I make no apologies…..

If you get fed up with reading my blogs….then I’m afraid I make no apologies for giving you an extra one to read….and a soppy one at that!

I’ve had to take a moment this week to stop and take in just how bloody lucky I am….and I want to say thank you to everyone who have helped make it happen.

As many of you know, my life has changed ten fold for the better since I got involved with the GB paracanoe squad. It has given me confidence, focus, purpose and belief….but more than anything it’s made me realise what amazing people I’m surrounded by.

The support and team work from the squad, the coaches and the support staff has been something very special to be part of, and I also want to thank my friends, neighbours, work colleagues and long suffering shoulders to cry on….you’ve been amazing, and the support you’ve shown me is truly valued and appreciated.

In the past I have never had the friendship and support that I now see every single day, and I know I’m incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such good people.

I hope you all know who you are….so many people have helped in so many different ways. But I want to say thank you, it means the world to me. On Sunday we fly out to Germany to compete in the World Cup. Representing GB will fulfil a lifelong dream of mine and I will be so proud to wear the GB kit. It is of course, just a small step in a much bigger journey aimed at the paralympics in Rio next year….but what an awesome opportunity that small step is and I intend to give it my very, very best!

So many people have done so much, but every kind word, telephone call, feeding of my cat or kick up the bum has helped give me the confidence, belief and ability to make this happen. It really is appreciated….Thank you.


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