Kelda writes “Feeling Strong…and an inspiring evening!”

 For some crazy reason I feel ridiculously confident at the minute! Despite the stress fracture I’m working hard, I know where I’m at and where I’m aiming….and truly believe I can do it!

The rehab programme that’s been put in place is really working on my weaknesses, and I feel when I get back on the water I’m going to be so much stronger. I’m also smashing the cv side of things on the bike and cross trainer and I am really starting to notice a difference.  I am doing a lot of imagery work, which is proving to be really helpful, and I am spending time on my mental approach to racing that I’d never been able to do if the injury hadn’t happened. I’m excited about being able to put all these developments together when I get back on the water. All in all, I think the injury has turned out to be a real positive, and put me in a stronger position in the long term. Good times!

For me, the real highlight of the week was the Climbing Out Charity Evening on Saturday night. It was a fantastic night, and the support from young people, their friends and family and our funders and partner organisations was incredible. It makes me so proud to see how much the young people who have been involved in our programmes are achieving, and it was wonderful to hear the words of the young people that stood up and spoke. We also presented the Climbing Out awards for the first time, and it was a very special moment to recognise the outstanding achievements of some inspiring young people.

It’s been a busy week, and I’m aware I need to make sure I schedule in some recovery time….I’m just not sure when- it’s another hectic, but exciting week coming up!

SDN would like to say “Thank you to Climbing Out, we had a fantastic evening with you. Your work is inspirational & we would like to congratulate all the winners but also all who are achieving through your programmes. Wishing you all another great year ahead.”


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