Kelda Wood with Sharon Davies

Kelda Writes … “but it’s been a lesson to me just how much I want this..”

More gains have been made this week. I’m getting some real power in the water now and I feel like the penny’s finally dropped and I’m attacking every stroke. I was working at Battle Back at the start of the week, so it’s always tough going, getting up at 5am to train before work, and then hitting the gym for a good session in the evenings too makes it a long day.

I’ve had to really manage the niggle in my shoulder during the week, I was getting pretty concerned by Wednesday/Thursday. Managing my shoulder and my tiredness levels this week hasn’t been easy, but it’s been a lesson to me just how much I want this. It would’ve been very easy for my head to go down…it didn’t, and I pushed through both the shoulder and the tiredness and came out of the week feeling much stronger as a result – both mentally and physically! Another big learning curve.

I’ve managed to get access to the English Institute of Sport Gym at The National Sports Centre at Lilleshall, so this will be a big help – especially as I’m working there all next week. This means another week of early mornings and late nights, but hopefully I can still keep making the gains, both in strength and fitness now I can get into this gym.

I’m still having to eat over 185g of protein a day, but I’m starting to see a difference!

I’m looking for a sponsor now too – things are getting serious, and I’m hoping to find a company that might consider supporting my journey. I’ve just got to find the time to write some letters!

I had some exciting news on Thursday too…but I’ve got to keep it to myself for now!!:-)

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