Keep our Pool in the Town Centre-Rally

Start Date:
17th October 2015

End Date:
17th October 2015

Start Time:
11 am

End Time:
12 noon approx

Event title: Keep our Pool in the Town Centre-Rally
Venue: Leaving from Top of Pride Hill Shrewsbury
Name: Quarry Swimming and Fitness Forum
Email: N/A

Event description: Today a rally will be held in order to make a point that there is only one place for Shrewsbury Swimming Pool & that is at the Quarry, Shrewsbury.
The rally will leave the top of Pride Hill at 11 am and will make it’s was along Shoplatch to the Quarry Pool.
It is hoped that over 500 people will take part in this rally, including those who use wheelchairs & mobility scooters to mobilise as well as parents, children.
The rally, which is being coordinated by members of the Quarry Swimming and Fitness Forum.

Find out more via twitter @quarry_pool or on face book and have your say at:

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