Jessica Lightwood

Jessica Lightwood-Sports Inclusion Officer for Shropshire writes

Welcome to Spring,

The sun has come out to say “hello”, encouraging more people to go outside and enjoy the rays of Vitamin D. Spring is a time of new beginnings with blossom on trees, daffodils blooming and the smell of freshly cut grass.

Now is a great time to start thinking about the small steps we can make to become more active, and start a new beginning ourselves. Here are a few ideas that we can try but remember the aim is not to create additional pain (and if that happens-stop)  The aim is to get our hearts beating faster, help our circulation etc

  • Whilst waiting for the kettle to boil –If you can stand- hold onto the work surface & slowly bend your knees- keeping your back straight then stand up straight again, see how many times you can do this until your cuppa is ready.
  • Whilst adverts are on the telly – try lifting your knees & moving your ankles in a circular motion as if you are drawing circles in the air, or if you are safe to use stairs-go for a walk up and down them.
  • Go outside if you can, walking to the corner of the road or further, invite friends to walk with you as they will not only be company for you but may welcome the opportunity.

Remember with any exercise to start off gently & if you are concerned,  do not be afraid to seek medical advice before you do any of the above.

We can measure our improvement with any of these activities by counting the distance or repetitions and trying to beat your last score.

Throughout March I have been out visiting some more inclusive activities around Shropshire; Rowing, Tennis and Dance to name a few. I saw a visually impaired man take part in rowing for the first time at Pengwern Boat Club. This began on an indoor rowing machine being coached the correct technique, then progressed on to rowing on the water in a Double Skull (two-man boat). I was amazed at the knowledge of the coaches and how they were able to adapt and support this man to take part in, and not only experience but enjoy a new activity.

All the activities I have been visiting will contribute to the Active Lifestyle directory which will be hosted on SDN website later this year. If in the mean time you would like to know more about local opportunities for you to be more active email where your individual enquiries will be responded to.

A closing note from me which I think some of you will have heard before & know to be true

It’s the small changes that last a lifetime

Jessica Lightwood

Shropshire Sports Inclusion Officer


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