It’s training, talks, more training, working, more training & fingers crossed an award

It’s been a week of 5am starts and late nights this week. My high point of the week has definitely been surviving!! I’ve been working at Battle Back, so I’ve had to fit in training early in the mornings and when we’ve all finished in the evenings. It’s hard work, but it’s been a real privilege using the EIS gym this week and I’ve felt very motivated (and slightly intimidated) when I’ve been surrounded by the guys from GB gymnastics and GB Archery. I’m getting stronger and the cardio sessions, as horrible as they are, are starting to pay off!!

 I shot down to Nottingham on Friday once we’d finished and had a great session on the water, so I can’t wait to get stuck back into training again next week. On Tuesday night I did a talk to the battlebackers about my journey with paracanoe, and I really hope it inspired some of them to see their own injuries as the start of new opportunities. I feel so lucky to be on the journey I’m on, and I really feel it’s my responsibility to try and make others aware of the opportunities that are out there, so for those that need it, they might have the chance to change how they feel about their injury or illness.

It’s been a busy week for Climbing Out too. I did a talk earlier in the week at The Rotary Club District Council which was well received. Rotary have always been a big supporter of Climbing Out and we are incredibly grateful for everything that they have done in the past. There are some exciting developments in the pipeline now and we look forward to working closely with them in the future.

This Thursday Climbing Out is off to the Midlands Community Sports Awards, so hopefully I’ll be back with some good news in my next blog. Fingers crossed!

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