It’s Been a Good Week……..please could I just have a few more hours in the day!!!!

It’s Been a Good Week

I wish all weeks were like this one!

It’s been a strong week on the water and it’s been so good to be able to work hard after being held back with the chest infection last week. It’s only 8 weeks until we start racing, so it’s time to start stepping up to the mark!

I’ve worked hard, my body’s shouted quite loud in protest…but it’s felt awesome!:-)

Unfortunately, the bench press is still getting the better of me, but I will beat it eventually!!!

I’ve also had news this week that a company called Intelligent Band are going to sponsor me for the coming season. This is fantastic news and will be a massive help to my training. Intelligent Band provide a unique security system for vehicles and it’s going to be exciting working with them over the coming months.

On Wednesday I also had a meeting regarding the Olympic Champions Programme and I’m really excited about getting involved. I’m looking at working with the Olympic Champions and Sporting Champions programmes, which will involve going into schools and organisations, working with young people in the aim to try and motivate and inspire them to get involved with sport. After everything that sport has given me, this is something that I’m incredibly passionate about, so I’m really looking forward to getting started. The Olympic Champions programme is also linking up with This Girl Can, a new scheme to encourage and support women into sport, so I see it as such a fantastic opportunity to be able to encourage and support people to have the confidence and self belief to get started.

It’s been another good week for Climbing Out too. Having received £3,500 from the St. James’s Place Foundation last week, we then received an £8,000 donation from the Geoff and Fiona Squire Foundation, and £3,000 from Three Streams Consulting. This incredible support means we will be able to offer even more programmes to young people over the coming 12 months. Awesome news!

Our Climbing Out Charity Evening is just 4 weeks away now. The event is taking place in Shrewsbury on the 14thMarch and is set to be a fantastic evening with food, presentations and awards. We’re really hoping to raise a great deal of awareness about the work of the charity, so please support the evening if you can. Tickets are just £10. Contact me at for more details.

It’s been such a great week, with exciting times ahead. If I could be really greedy and ask for just one more thing……please could I just have a few more hours in the day!!!!







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