I’m fascinated by the sports psychology side of things

 I feel like there’s been some pretty massive steps forward this week. We still haven’t managed to get on the water much because of the weather conditions, but when we did, I could feel some huge improvements! The training programme has been pretty punishing…..there wasn’t a muscle in my body that wasn’t hurting by the end of the week! The focus has now moved from strength and power to speed, so we’re doing some pretty harsh lactic sessions….but this is what I love about the sport – you work hard and the gains start to happen!:-)

It’s been such a great week of learning’s. The ergo sessions are really helping me with my technique. Firstly I can sit in front of a mirror and see first hand what I’m doing, secondly Matt, my coach, can really break down each part of the stroke and work on the finer points, and thirdly, I can try things out without having to worry about falling in! We’ve been really working on getting me to relax my shoulders (something that I haven’t done for the last 40 years!), and the impact on my paddling has been exciting. My focus now has got to be on maintaining this technique but applying more power and pace…it sounds so straight forward when I put it like that!

I also had my first proper session with the team psychologist this week too. I’m fascinated by the sports psychology side of things and it will be really interesting to see the impact it has on my performance.

I’m lifting more weight in the gym, the technique is improving on the water…and I can’t wait until we start racing again and I can hopefully see some big improvements in my times. Roll on April!

The challenge this week has been balancing training around Climbing Out. As we start to approach the spring, things start getting pretty hectic. We’ve 5 programmes planned this year, 2 weekends and several fund raising events, the first of which is our “Evening with Climbing Out” on March 14th. Trying to focus on training and still organise everything that needs doing has resulted in a bit of brain fry this week:-( The answer…..well the honest truth is, I don’t know! Both things are so important to me and I don’t want to let myself, or anyone else down, but there are only 24hrs in the day! I think we’ll call this challenge work in progress!


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