I.T. Free, Is here for You!

I.T. Free is a totally free weekly drop-in computer help clinic provided by the Omega – Care for Life charity. It takes place each Thursday between 10 am and 12 noon at  London House on Town Walls SY1 1TX 

Bring along your troublesome laptop, tablet, phone or camera (or even desktop box, if you can) and the ‘techies’ will be at your disposal. PC Mike (the no-nonsense one), Alan (the patient and enthusiastic one), Ian W (the king of jargon), Brandon (the empathetic and understanding one) and Jamie (the Apple guru) will sort out all your computer related problems. It is far better and constructive that you bring your equipment with you, rather than us try and resolve your problem by talking.

Most important at I.T. Free, we will show you how to solve your own problems rather than just do it for you as that will be more beneficial to you. We will not grab your mouse nor push you away from your keyboard, we will try to get you to fix your own problem.

Are you new to Shrewsbury? May be you have just started at University Centre, Shrewsbury or at Shrewsbury College and have a tight budget, if so IT FREE would be pleased to help you. It is as it says FREE. So whether a student, a silver surfer or any other age group IT FREE will be happy to help.

For more information on these sessions click here: IT Free Advert A4 (December 2016) with Nextdoor Welcome

For an Information leaflet click here: ITFree Tri-fold Leaflet (February 2017) with Nextdoor Welcome

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