How is Home Care working in Shropshire?

Start Date:
2nd December 2019

End Date:
31st January 2020

Start Time:

End Time:

Healthwatch Shropshire have issued a media release requesting service user’s experience of Home Care (Domiciliary Care ie carers visiting your home to help you) in Shropshire to share their experience on how domiciliary care is working for you. Note: If you take part in the survey or communicate with Healthwatch Shropshire on this topic, your personal details ie name/address/telephone number or anything that identifies you, will not be disclosed to anyone.

Healthwatch Shropshire, the local health and social care consumer champion, is asking those receiving home care in Shropshire to tell them about their experiences.

Lynn Cawley, Chief Officer of Healthwatch Shropshire, said “Provision of home care comes with it’s challenges particularly in rural areas. We would like to know about the service users experiences across Shropshire. We hope to build a picture of how care at home works in Shropshire, identifying good practice and if there is anything that could be improved.

Healthwatch Shropshire have an online survey, click here to take part: contact Healthwatch Shropshire directly by email to or 01743 237884”

To download and print the press release, click here: Home Care project PR

Healthwatch Shropshire is the independent consumer champion for health and social care in Shropshire. It gathers the views and experiences of patients, service users, carers, and the general public about services including hospitals, GPs, mental health services, community health services, pharmacists, opticians, residential care and children’s services.  It also has statutory powers that it can use to influence service provision by encouraging improvements.

[1] ‘Home care in England: Views from commissioners and providers’, The Kings Fund, December 2018.

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