How did things develop for me?

What put me onto something being wrong goes back quite a while now.

I was driving along the M54 from Junction 7 to Junction 5 to go to one of the Telford retail parks when it looked to me as if the lane markings were going diagonally across in front of the car.

I just assumed that my glasses were dirty and so I cleaned them when i got to my destination, but the same thing happened on the return journey.

By coincidence, the next day I was due to go and see my GP about something else, so I mentioned what had happened to him. He advised me to go and see my optician, who said they thought I had Wet AMD in my right eye and referred me to Mr Rao at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.


After that, I was subsequently referred to the Eye Infirmary, which at the time, was at Chapel Ash in Wolverhampton. I had a few appointments there (including florescin angiograms and the photodynamic therapy mentioned before) and then the Eye Infirmary was moved to New Cross Hospital, also in Wolverhampton. Getting to New Cross wasn’t easy from Shropshire! Whilst there, I had more florescin angiograms and, as with all the appointments, eye tests. After several visits, I was referred back to Mr Rao at the RSH, on the basis that I was suitable for Lucentis injections.

There was an initial delay as I didn’t hear anything from the RSH, so I contacted them by e-mail and lo and behold, I got an appointment!

However, at the appointment I was told I was not suitable for Lucentis as there was too much scarring at the back of the retina !

After a few more appointments, I was discharged as there were only very minor changes to the sight in my right eye in between my appointments.

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