Hospital provision in Shropshire

Start Date:
19th November 2015

End Date:
19th November 2015

Start Time:
7.30 pm

End Time:
9.30 pm

Event title: Hospital provision in Shropshire
Venue: The Centre, Oak Street, Oswestry, SY11 1LW
Name: N/A
Email: N/A
Telephone: N/A
Event description: There are too many questions being left in the air after our October meeting. For example:

  • Why is Shropshire CCG in special measures?
  • Why wasn’t a decision about the future of our hospital provision made on October 1st as promised?
  • How much is this all costing?
  • What exactly is an Urgent Care Centre? And will we get one if we don’t have any beds in Oswestry?
  • What is happening about Community Fit?
  • We have two very senior representatives from NHS Future Fit coming over to tell us what the current situation is.

They will be here to answer our questions and address our concerns. So please be there to ask them.

This links to their most recent bulletin:
Admission will be £1 at the door. By using The Centre, we are hoping that some of the young people who use The Centre will get involved.

Note this venue is also known as Centre Northwest.

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