Heulwen Trust-Disability Boat Trips

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Address: Heulwen Wharf, Welshpool, SY21 7DJ

In 1975 when the Prince of Wales’ Committee in partnership with The Variety Club of Great Britain, arranged for the apprentices of Cammell Laird to build a 70ft canal boat specially designed to carry disabled children. It is thought to be a world first! It was named HEULWEN, which is Welsh for ‘Sunshine’ and was launched by HRH the Prince of Wales. The scheme was set up to last ten years, after which local people would assume responsibility to continue the good work. 

In 1993 we took delivery of a second 70ft. narrow boat which was launched and named Heulwen II by Prince Charles in May of that year.

In 2008 Heulwen I was more than thirty years old and becoming more and more difficult to maintain. We decided to commission a new boat and took delivery of Heulwen III “Silver Lady” in June 2009 (and said goodbye to Heulwen I having given us 34 years of service).


We offer free trips to those who are less abled than others. If you think you fall into any such category, try us to see if we agree with you.  We do try to take a broad view of how we can assist. For instance we do think that if a child is less abled, they should be entitled to celebrate a special occasion by asking their friends to join them in a party on one of our boats without charge for the use of the boat.

When can we go?

We usually operate day trips on two boats Monday to Fridays.  We also have a panel of volunteers who can take you for a “special” trip at other times – see below.

Each boat can take up to 12 passengers including carers.  A group of more than 12 could use both boats.  We have had individuals join a small group (if everyone agrees).  

Trips during the week can be as short as two hours. It may be three or four or five hours (or longer but you will have to be at the Wharf in good time and you will need to think how you can be fed and watered!!). The earliest trips could leave at 9.30 am but we are happy to suit your requirements knowing that it takes time to make your way to Welshpool. Usually the boats will have returned to the Heulwen Wharf well before 4pm. Again this depends upon your requirements. 

Facilities on Board.

Both Heulwen II and Heulwen III are equipped with a hydraulic passenger lift specifically designed to allow for wheelchair access. Each boat has a step free toilet suitable for our users. On Heulwen III the toilet has step free access to a curtained off space with a a height adjustable adult-sized changing bench, adequate space in the changing area for the disabled person and two carers.  The toilet has plenty of room on one side with less room on the other side.  Non slip floor

The Charity’s registered no. is 1010813

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