Hearing Loops for All

Hearing Loops for All: the 3rd International Hearing Loop Conference

•    A one-off opportunity
It is highly unlikely that the 3rd International Hearing Loop Conference will be held in the UK again for many years to come – don’t miss out. The event takes place in the beautiful coastal town of Eastbourne, East Sussex, a fabulous destination for a conference (and a holiday!). 

•    A packed programme
The programme will focus on three themes:
­   – experiences, needs and views of hearing loop users
­   – practical issues of ensuring more and better hearing loops are made available
­   – technical aspects of hearing loops

There will be highly engaging presentations and workshops and there will be speakers from across the world.  Communication support will be provided to ensure everyone can participate. This includes a hearing loop and speech to text reporting (i.e. a large screen that displays a text transcript of what is being said as it is being said). BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW.

•    Help spread the word
Many people and organsiations have a role to play in helping the UK to really move forward in ensuring more and better hearing loops are made available to people who use hearing aids and cochlear implants. We’d be delighted for you to pass this information on to relevant people and organisations that you’re in contact with.

An evening with Richard Einhorn

For one night only, the renowned classical composer Richard Einhorn will share his amazing personal journey – don’t miss this rare opportunity. It will be held at The Birley Centre, Eastbourne, on Sunday 6th October.

Our UK Conference: Travel, Leisure & Accessible Tourism

If you’ve never been to one of our friendly UK Conferences, do come along and join us this year. If you’ve been before, we very much hope you’ll join us once again.

•    A helpful & inspiring event
Our UK Conference promises to be a lively and engaging one-day event offering information on accessible tourism services in the UK and overseas. It will inspire your ideas and perhaps encourage you to explore new things and visit places you may not have previously believed possible.

All are welcome at this event – members, non-members, professionals and providers of travel, leisure and tourism services. The event will be held on 5th October in the coastal town of Eastbourne, East Sussex. If you’ve never been to this part of the country, do take the opportunity. You’re sure to enjoy it.

•    Lots to discover
The programme will include presentations from a range of knowledgeable and experienced people. As usual, we will also hold our popular Soapbox Sessions, when volunteers have their say on issues that matter to them. In addition, there will be an panel of tourism experts ready to take questions.

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