Hands Together Ludlow

Website: https://www.handstogetherludlow.org.uk/

Email: Use this contact form https://www.handstogetherludlow.org.uk/about-us/contact-us/e-mail


Address: Hands Together Ludlow52 Broad St, Ludlow SY8 1NH

The primary aim of Hands Together Ludlow is to provide aid for the vulnerable in and around the town of Ludlow in Shropshire, recognising that existing charities and statutory agencies are increasingly under pressure themselves due to financial restraints.

We work through three parallel streams of activity:
1. Networking with existing providers,
2. Coordinating volunteers to provide short-term assistance,
3. Establishing projects to meet longer term needs.

The following Charitable Purposes statement summarise the work of Hands Together :
 The relief of people in need by reason of youth, old age, ill health, loneliness, dysfunctional relationships, disability or financial hardship, living in Ludlow and the surrounding villages.

A secondary purpose, or method of achieving the primary purpose, could be defined as follows:
• The advancement of community development and the promotion of effective and efficient use of existing charitable resources by building a network of volunteers linking to caring agencies and local businesses in order to fill gaps of provision where they occur.

Registered Charity Number 1171979

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